reconnecting to my blogs

October 11, 2005

I recently went back to work full time as a chef, shelving my aspirations of being a full time web developer.  I didn’t think I really had the aptitude to do it full time, successfully, and really needed the income this position offered; it would be some time before I think I could earn this kind of money on what skill set I currently possess.  All of that said, the position is somewhat of a physically demanding one, and as I’ve found the years added to my body since I last did this full time has increased the burden on the old joints and muscles.  Thus, I’ve resorted to some less than healthy remedies for said aches, and thereby have rendered my free time to blog and further my practices at such non-existent.  My first day off in 6, and only second in 2 weeks has done wonders at gaining some sanity, and perspective.

That said, after a few weeks of not blogging, I feel a bit of a disconnect from my blogs.  How do you “pick back up?”  I guess first thing would be to eliminate the “not so healthy remedies”, huh?



Excercise in futility

September 19, 2005

Over the course of my blogs, I’ve talked about m level of skill regarding the web, design, and computers in general. I’m a chef at heart, but man, I’m so taken by this angle of technology, that I can’t get enough. I am currently enrolled full time in a program at my local community college for web design/development (I haven’t decided which, most of the courses overlap, so probably as I finish up, taking what fits my schedule, and who’s description strikes my fancy, which ever I satisfy first is what I’ll get). I’ve lamented that around the time I made the decision to follow this program, I discovered WordPress.


 So all the while I’m bathing myself in learning basic CSS and grasping PHP, I’m taking classes in basic HTML and “Internet 101”. I can only equate it to having an affair with Anais Ninn while being engaged to Queen Victoria. And guess who won my heart? [for the record, Anais Ninn won my heart years ago, when a girlfriend at the time would read her stories aloud while we were driving cross country]

But back to school. So currently, I’m engulfed in teaching myself as much as I can grasp about CSS, and XHTML. I long to have a person I can physically talk with about it, who can help me get over the last few hurdles of understand the box model and floats, and quasi-3rd dimensions. I don’t even know if that curriculum exists, or if I should save my $$ and go to things like A n Event Apart but I’m not quite there.

The funny thing is, now that I read through this, is that I intended to talk of the frustration of trying to connect to a shitty Windows server with Dreamweaver on a mac, then arguing with my professor via a hack online webmail interface, ultimately being able to use cyberduck to connect, clean up the files DW managed to drop in, and then finding out after railing the professor, that every semester this happens. Not to mention, the bloody tutorials for DW are teaching me to design with tables and meta tags, rather than simply concentrate on some basics of design, or typography, or hell, anything but espousing the virtues of building nested, nested, nested, tables!

Thank God for bourbon…

Well, I’m not sure I’ve coined a phrase or not, but why not fblog?  How about a flog?  As in financial blog.  I just got done reading an article in the NY Times detailing the growing trend of persons baring their financial souls to the world.  (Can you imagine the spike in traffic this guy’s gonna get from having his blog posted in a NY Times article?  I hope they plan on paying for the extra bandwidth…)

Now, I speak my mind on my personal blog regarding politics, but telling you how broke I am is another story.  I can see it now..”spent 78¢ on generic crackers…”, no, no thanks.  Perhaps someone like myself who possesses very poor fiscal responsibility should do exactly that though.  Maybe the center of miklb universe will be where I bare my wallet to the world.  Nah.  I’ll pass.  You?


New “high profile” WP User

September 15, 2005

It’s always kinda cool to see a “high profile” person using WordPress, so I’d thought I’d pass this one along.

Monday Morning CEO

For those not old enough, or sports fans, Stauback as teh quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys back in their hey day of the 1970’s. Looks like he’s a real estate guy now.

You can now return to regularly scheduled blogging.

Washington Post and Technorati

September 13, 2005

So I figured out how I got all my traffic recently regarding the Kanye West story.  The Washington Post is adding a “See what Bloggers are saying” box inside the article, with a Technorati link.  I’ve gotten 40 hits from the Post article.  Quite interesting to see a national media outlet use Technorati in such a manner.  And so my experiment begins…

Stay tuned. 

Can you explain blogshares?

September 12, 2005

So while looking at recent referals at my “other” personal blog, I found a german google search for miklb.  So of course I followed it, and found that my cooking site (link in sidebar) has been listed with blogshares.  I honestly have no recollection of doing it myself, and I see three people whom I don’t know picking categories for the site.  I’m perplexed.  I’ve seen the little button on several blogs, but didn’t really get it.  Anyone want to fill me in?  I guess its a “good” thing, but perplexing nonetheless.


One blog? Too many blogs?

September 10, 2005

I now have 4 “blogs”.  My first, more of a political rant type site, with some mixed personal type things thrown in.  I then started a cooking one.  I was afraid of mixing my left leaning rants in with dinner ideas.  Didn’t want to scare away my little old Aunt in Kentucky.  THEN, I started the WordPress “fan” site.  Now I have this one.  Granted, this one is sorta a test blog, but at some point, it won’t be beta, and we’ll know better of what can can’t be modified.  So the question lies, can you have too many?  Should I combine this one with the personal/politico, IF I can import a WP database at some point?  Whittle it down to three.  Might do.  I like the community aspects of  I’m looking forward to what the final product looks like.