New Themes

November 25, 2005

Looks like enough bugs have been worked out, and Matt’s gotten enough free time, that he’s adding new themes (finally) to Presentation. He’s soliciting suggestions and links for more themes (though his blog is coming up as private right now, gotta love RSS), now the wonder when will some customization be available? At least a custom .css file…
Nice choice in additions, some new blood, so to speak. Maybe I’ll get my winter theme done this weekend and offer it up.

Add to Blogroll Feature

November 9, 2005

Ok, so when I attempt to edit a post, the WYSIWYG editor wants to erase what I had previously written. So my original post has been dropped, and my subsequent post was about to as well. The orginal post had to to with a suggestion I had on Matt’s blog when he announced the admin bar, that it would be nice to incorporate the “link this” bookmarklet into the admin bar. Lo and behold, we now have “Add to Blogroll”, albeit, it’s automatic, so there’s not an option to choose a category. Haven’t played around with it much, but it works.

One blog? Too many blogs?

September 10, 2005

I now have 4 “blogs”.  My first, more of a political rant type site, with some mixed personal type things thrown in.  I then started a cooking one.  I was afraid of mixing my left leaning rants in with dinner ideas.  Didn’t want to scare away my little old Aunt in Kentucky.  THEN, I started the WordPress “fan” site.  Now I have this one.  Granted, this one is sorta a test blog, but at some point, it won’t be beta, and we’ll know better of what can can’t be modified.  So the question lies, can you have too many?  Should I combine this one with the personal/politico, IF I can import a WP database at some point?  Whittle it down to three.  Might do.  I like the community aspects of  I’m looking forward to what the final product looks like.


Hmm. Just WordPress MU?

September 10, 2005

Noticed that now simply says MU, not 1.6 alpha do not use, or what ever it said.  Was that because too many people were starting to use the trunk on non .com sites, or because 1.6 is reaching beta?  We will see.  And when it is beta, which blogs to put it on?  Hmm.  Always changing.  Change is good.  Stay tuned.

More goodness

September 10, 2005

It’s not a scrolling ticker in the admin bar , but the genuises behind have added some very cool community-esque features to the dashboard.(Thanks to daysies for the heads up) As the community grows, one can only catch so much in the feeds, so-o-o-o, now we can see who’s saying what, and  garnering outside attention.  Not to mention, it’s a sure way to get you blogging, who doesn’t want their blog on everyone’s dashboard?

Cool New Feature

September 6, 2005

Just noticed Matt and co. have implemented the modified admin bar.  I had suggested Matt Read’s wp-admin tool bar plugin, and it seems a modified version is now in use.  Very cool.  Lorelle provided a link to a feed of sites, but I’d still like a list of all sites, or better yet, implement something similar to the new feature at technorati, in which your blog itself is “tagged” allowing you to find blogs by content. 


I like that feature…

September 3, 2005

So far, I’ve really only used the WYSIWYG editor, but I had several links I wanted to put in a post, and it seemed easier to simply use the traditional manner of posting a link (really, I didn’t understand the WYSIWYG editor until as I right this, just highlight the word you want to use as a link, THEN the link button “un-grays”.)  But you can type in the HTML mode, hit update, and it doesn’t immediately publish, it immediately updates the WYSIWYG editor.  Neat!  Now if I could tab from the title box directly to the text area, it would be even easier.