WP.com feature request

November 28, 2005

I’m sure this could go in the feedback in the ol’ dashboard, but hey, then what would I have to blog about at wp.com? I’d really like to be able to replace the feeds on the dashboard, with other wp.com blogs of my choosing. With the growth of WP, the recent posts is all but moot to me, as I don’t speak the myriad of foreign languages that the posts come up in. Maybe, just maybe, one will be in English when I pop over, and generally it’s a “my first post”, post. Whee! Heck, the most popular posts seem to be a space waster most of the time, especially now that the roving reports from New Orleans are gone, that is, unless the flock sucks guys are dropping jokes, er, commentary on all that is web 2.0.

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