reconnecting to my blogs

October 11, 2005

I recently went back to work full time as a chef, shelving my aspirations of being a full time web developer.  I didn’t think I really had the aptitude to do it full time, successfully, and really needed the income this position offered; it would be some time before I think I could earn this kind of money on what skill set I currently possess.  All of that said, the position is somewhat of a physically demanding one, and as I’ve found the years added to my body since I last did this full time has increased the burden on the old joints and muscles.  Thus, I’ve resorted to some less than healthy remedies for said aches, and thereby have rendered my free time to blog and further my practices at such non-existent.  My first day off in 6, and only second in 2 weeks has done wonders at gaining some sanity, and perspective.

That said, after a few weeks of not blogging, I feel a bit of a disconnect from my blogs.  How do you “pick back up?”  I guess first thing would be to eliminate the “not so healthy remedies”, huh?


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