Excercise in futility

September 19, 2005

Over the course of my blogs, I’ve talked about m level of skill regarding the web, design, and computers in general. I’m a chef at heart, but man, I’m so taken by this angle of technology, that I can’t get enough. I am currently enrolled full time in a program at my local community college for web design/development (I haven’t decided which, most of the courses overlap, so probably as I finish up, taking what fits my schedule, and who’s description strikes my fancy, which ever I satisfy first is what I’ll get). I’ve lamented that around the time I made the decision to follow this program, I discovered WordPress.


 So all the while I’m bathing myself in learning basic CSS and grasping PHP, I’m taking classes in basic HTML and “Internet 101”. I can only equate it to having an affair with Anais Ninn while being engaged to Queen Victoria. And guess who won my heart? [for the record, Anais Ninn won my heart years ago, when a girlfriend at the time would read her stories aloud while we were driving cross country]

But back to school. So currently, I’m engulfed in teaching myself as much as I can grasp about CSS, and XHTML. I long to have a person I can physically talk with about it, who can help me get over the last few hurdles of understand the box model and floats, and quasi-3rd dimensions. I don’t even know if that curriculum exists, or if I should save my $$ and go to things like A n Event Apart but I’m not quite there.

The funny thing is, now that I read through this, is that I intended to talk of the frustration of trying to connect to a shitty Windows server with Dreamweaver on a mac, then arguing with my professor via a hack online webmail interface, ultimately being able to use cyberduck to connect, clean up the files DW managed to drop in, and then finding out after railing the professor, that every semester this happens. Not to mention, the bloody tutorials for DW are teaching me to design with tables and meta tags, rather than simply concentrate on some basics of design, or typography, or hell, anything but espousing the virtues of building nested, nested, nested, tables!

Thank God for bourbon…

2 Responses to “Excercise in futility”

  1. podz Says:

    I struggle too with stuff, but not the box-model. I ignore it 🙂 Given that it was a colossal f-up by MS with IE, they are hardly likely to repeat it and things will only get better. As for other stuff, I learn when I hit them.
    I too started a college course “Open Notepad, type ‘Hello’ then save as ‘index.html’ …. I did two lessons before I realised that even with no computing qualifications at all, I knew far more than the tutor.

    My advice would be:
    – drop DW completely.
    – get a basic html editor that will syntax highlight (I have no idea for the mac)
    – play. Look at sites and wonder how they do something. Take their code and play with it.
    – Create stuff in just html and css and enjoy it.

    Bourbon ….ah, those were the days…. 😉

  2. miklb Says:

    Oh, I don’t use DW for anything outside this silly course. I use smultron, on open-souce text editor that works with cyber-duck, also open source. I bought an inexpensive app called, simple enough, CSS edit for easy editing of CSS. And that’s all I use.

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