Need an idea for a blog? How about a fblog?

September 18, 2005

Well, I’m not sure I’ve coined a phrase or not, but why not fblog?  How about a flog?  As in financial blog.  I just got done reading an article in the NY Times detailing the growing trend of persons baring their financial souls to the world.  (Can you imagine the spike in traffic this guy’s gonna get from having his blog posted in a NY Times article?  I hope they plan on paying for the extra bandwidth…)

Now, I speak my mind on my personal blog regarding politics, but telling you how broke I am is another story.  I can see it now..”spent 78¢ on generic crackers…”, no, no thanks.  Perhaps someone like myself who possesses very poor fiscal responsibility should do exactly that though.  Maybe the center of miklb universe will be where I bare my wallet to the world.  Nah.  I’ll pass.  You?


One Response to “Need an idea for a blog? How about a fblog?”

  1. craig Says:

    theres money in flogging? 🙂
    I know there’s pain in being flogged. 😛
    flog it.
    flog on.

    I like it… lots of bad puns. 😀
    pity is taken.
    quick! you can still get
    pity is gone. 😛

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