Can you explain blogshares?

September 12, 2005

So while looking at recent referals at my “other” personal blog, I found a german google search for miklb.  So of course I followed it, and found that my cooking site (link in sidebar) has been listed with blogshares.  I honestly have no recollection of doing it myself, and I see three people whom I don’t know picking categories for the site.  I’m perplexed.  I’ve seen the little button on several blogs, but didn’t really get it.  Anyone want to fill me in?  I guess its a “good” thing, but perplexing nonetheless.


5 Responses to “Can you explain blogshares?”

  1. podz Says:

    It’s just buying / selling. Like a little stock market. Register, grab the 1000 shares that you will get for your blog and I’ll buy one from you for some serious B$$$$ 🙂

  2. miklb Says:

    But can someone buy and sell your blog without you registering? OR did I register and not remember?

  3. podz Says:

    Any blog can be registered, and then traded – I’ve done that to a couple myself. But 1000 shares are always reserved for the blog owner. You get these for free and if others have traded your blog they will be worth a bit – no bad thing 🙂

  4. miklb Says:

    I’m still kinda confused, but maybe I get a little more traffic, and find some other blogs while I’m at it.

  5. podz Says:

    You got your blog 🙂
    Want some B$$ ?

    Create a Sell Order.
    Sell 1 (one) share, and set the asking price to 360,000,000
    (three hundred and sixty million)

    I then wander in, shout “What a bargain!” and buy it 🙂

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