One blog? Too many blogs?

September 10, 2005

I now have 4 “blogs”.  My first, more of a political rant type site, with some mixed personal type things thrown in.  I then started a cooking one.  I was afraid of mixing my left leaning rants in with dinner ideas.  Didn’t want to scare away my little old Aunt in Kentucky.  THEN, I started the WordPress “fan” site.  Now I have this one.  Granted, this one is sorta a test blog, but at some point, it won’t be beta, and we’ll know better of what can can’t be modified.  So the question lies, can you have too many?  Should I combine this one with the personal/politico, IF I can import a WP database at some point?  Whittle it down to three.  Might do.  I like the community aspects of  I’m looking forward to what the final product looks like.


One Response to “One blog? Too many blogs?”

  1. […] Miklb, like me, has a newish blog. He recently remarked that he now has four blogs, and that might be too many. I also have four somewhat active blogs, and many more inactive blogs. Most of the latter are “test drives” of specific sites and software. […]

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