WP Station has its New Home

September 8, 2005

I started a blog about WordPress a few weeks ago, and have finally gotten around to getting a domain for it.  It was my first attempt at importing a database, but using skippy’s plugin (the subdomain it was on, I couldn’t access the DB, now I have a full domain with full privileges) and podz’s instructions , it was a sinch. 

Regarding WP Station, the concept is simple, search out any new plugins and themes, be it new or updates, as well as general WP news, and compile it in one place, but simply links to the authors site, rather than the actual download link.  I personally like to visit new sites to see what others have done with WP, and this is a fun way of doing so.  I might add that I don’t neccesarily add everything I find, but if you want yours added, there’s a contact form at the site.  Hopefully you’ll find something useful while looking around.


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