Blog Traffic

September 3, 2005

So I’ve been doing this “blog thing” for a little over six months, and I’ve been amazed sometimes what drives traffic to my blog. I made a small post regarding the discount and an announcement of 25,000 GM layoffs, and easily since that post early in June, it’s the single most popular post. I was also amazed how fast a post regarding Hurricane Dennis was spidered and drawing traffic. At one point, it was the #2 hit in a google search. Which brings me to my latest post. I didn’t see it, but while doing a standard national news browse, you know, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc, I found an article regarding Kanye West’s comments at the NBC fund raiser. That post garnered the single most amount of comments from what I’m sure are first time visitors, than any thing else I’ve posted. Not one of the GM surfers commented, good or bad. This, it had 5 comments within an hour and half…and that’s from 6am to 7:30am on a Saturday. (Don’t ask about my insomnia…) I guess the moral of the story is to get a “story” out on the Internet before CNN and FOX have a chance to spin it too much, or at least make more posts about pop culture icons…

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