Can’t live without XP freeware apps?

September 1, 2005

As I’ve documented, I have bought my very first wintel box.  I’ve got XP installed, the kind gentleman whom I bought the machine from installed a virus protection and an adaware app, but what other freeware/open-source apps should I look for.  Keep in mind I’m really only using the box for my some school work (M$ Project, Access, and some proprietary software for a presentations system {read, powerpoint} class).  Also any links or what not also greatly appreciated.


4 Responses to “Can’t live without XP freeware apps?”

  1. podz Says:

    Forgot to mention THE list !

  2. Derek Says:

    Every Windows box that I’ve done clean installs on gets the following as a bare minimum:

    Ad-Aware – Spyware/Adware
    Spybot Search & Destroy – Spyware/Adware
    SpywareBlaster – Spyware/Adware
    MWSnap – Free screenshot tool
    CCleaner – Automates weekly/monthly cleanup tasks
    RegCleaner – Registry cleanup
    NTRegOpt – Registry optimization
    iTunes – Music
    Gaim – Multiprotocol chat client
    VLC Media Player – Default player for all videos. Also great for downloading streaming content.

  3. miklb Says:

    Thanks guys. I’ve checked out a few, had a few, but will keep the list handy. I don’t use the box for email, and try to only navigate to sites I trust, I save the gonzo surfing for the macs…

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