Shopping for a Wintel Box

August 29, 2005

So I’m one of those in the ultra minority that’s never owned a PC. I’ve always bought mac. Sure, I’ve used Windows machines at work, at school, and friends, but I’ve never had to buy one.

My local community college failed to include in course descriptions that the project management course and the database design courses were proprietary OS/Software courses. Microsoft Project/Access to be exact. One would think in this day and age, that A, someone would think to mention that, and B, that courses would be tailored to be less proprietary. Anyway, I want a cheap box so I can run those at home, since all my course work is online/self paced. I asked a professor, but he was useless. I mean, wouldn’t you think that a professor would know a shop in town that sold used machines? Could recommend a processor and ram specs for running XP. I told him I knew squat about buying a PC. But he directed me to epinion. Nice. Something to look forward to this year. Basically I’m using a $1000 of grant money so I can self teach myself basic database design, how to use Project, run through some tutorials in Dreamweaver, and how to create PowerPoint presentations. If it wasn’t for the other $1750 in grant money, I’d think this was a waste of time. I’m sure I’ll pick up some useful and practical knowledge, and be able to apply it towards what I want to accomplish, but it sure would be nice to have a professor that eschewed the old school web concepts and stepped into 2005. Maybe that could be my calling as I follow this path. Continue to find ways to marry my culinary background with the web, and teach web design at a 2 year college. Hmm, something to think about.

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