It’s funny what a google search can turn up

August 26, 2005

So I was doing  a a Google search of, and see numerous links to, but they all redirect to the new “splash” screen.  but I found this rss feed containing comments from February.  Someone was quite the nay sayer, and some may get a chuckle out of this, considering where this commentary is being posted…

wordpress mu is the work of one guy who had a b2 fork with multiusers before matt persuaded him to come under the wp umbrella. the wp forums don’t support it and there don;t appear to be any plans to incorporate his code into wp proper. it’s just another b2 fork, albeit one with the wp brand name. i would be very surprised if any wordpress release before 2006 includes multiblogs, as would a lot of other people.

Granted, the commenter may have been referring to wordpress itself having multiblog support, but the sentiment was that the wordpress community wouldn’t support multiblog development, and he was dead wrong.

3 Responses to “It’s funny what a google search can turn up”

  1. Donncha Says:

    Well, I for one am very glad that commenter was wrong! is progressing very nicely thank you very much! Creating multi-blog versions of b2 and WP has been a work of love for so long that it’s gratifying to see it succeed and only redoubles my efforts to make WordPress MU the best multi-blog system out there!

  2. miklb Says:

    Glad my discovery was a source of encouragement. I have no doubt that you will succeed. I look forward to seeing what’s over the horizon and beyond.

  3. Matt Says:

    How time flies. 🙂

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