Interesting tidbit I’ve discovered

August 26, 2005

I’m not sure if it’s by design, but as I wonder to other sites, I’m already “signed in” as miklb.  Basically I can comment any where I want, and I’m already recognized.  Definitely something to this “community” concept.

Just signed up for a chance to beta test flock after reading  few things about it.  Not sure if there will be a mac version out of the box, but I’ve got to get a wintel box anyways, so though I don’t want to put it online, if that’d be the only way to use Flock  as a beta tester, I can think of worse ways of being online via XP…


2 Responses to “Interesting tidbit I’ve discovered”

  1. Matt Says:

    Yep that’s by design, there will be a few other goodies coming for other users in the future.

  2. miklb Says:

    Figured as much. I’m hoping there’s going to be a way to easily navigate to other sites as well (which I’m sure is in the plans as well).

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